Patricia Guglielminetti


She was born in the city of Santa Fe, Province of Santa Fe, on June 21st, 1968.

She graduated as a Lawyer from the School of Juridical and Social Sciences of the National University of the Littoral Region in 1990.

Later on, she continued her studies at the Austral University, where she was awarded the Magister Degree in Administrative Law. Thesis topic: “Allocation of Property Owned by Individuals to Public Service Purposes” (1995).

She attended the course “Structure and Dynamics of the Rules in Administrative Law. Reference to the Theory of Normative Groups”, at the School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (1996).

She attended Doctorate specialized studies in Juridical Sciences at the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University (2006/2007).


In 1991, she was appointed adviser and attorney-in-fact of the Public Prosecution of the Province of Santa Fe, which office she held until March 1997.

From 1997 to 2013, she practised her profession at the National Public Administration.

In this sphere, she developed a varied activity of advisory assistance and consultancy to different organizations, including the Control Body of the Network of Access to the City of Buenos Aires (1997/1998), the Ministry of Justice of the Nation (1998/1999), the Regulatory Body of the National Airport System (1998/1999) and the Department of Transport of the Nation (2000/2002). From 2002 to 2005, she took part in the processes of renegotiation of contracts of concession of public works and services, which started as a result of the enactment of Law 25561, which were carried forward by the Commission of Renegotiation of Contracts of Public Works and Services, created by Decree 293/2002 and its continuing body, the Unit for Renegotiation of Contracts of Public Works and Services, created by Decree 311/2003.  She was Chief Advisor of the Underdepartment of Ports and Waterways (2004/2005), Chief Advisor of the Coordination Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Nation (2005/2006), and Chief Advisor of the Department of Communications of the Nation (2006/2013).

She also served as Legal Secretary of the representative of the Executive Power before the Council of Magistrates of the Nation (1999).

In December 2013, he joined Cassagne Abogados law firm.

Academic Activities

Her professional practice was complemented with academic activity in the field of the Administrative Law, by teaching at the post-graduate studies in Economic Administrative Law of the School of Law and Political Sciences of the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University Santa María de los Buenos Aires, at the post-graduate courses on State Law and Administrative Contracts of the School of State Lawyers and Office of the Attorney for the National Treasury, and as Guest Lecturer at the School of Law of the Austral University.

She has participated as lecturer at congresses, courses, seminars, and conferences on subjects related to the Administrative Law field.

Awards & Recognitions

She was awarded the first prize at the Research Competition organized by the Argentine Association of Administrative Law on “Control of Privatized Public Utilities” (1994).

She obtained the Merit Diploma for the direction of the Thesis on “Construal of the Administrative Contract”, with which she accessed the degree of Professional Magister in Administrative Law of the Austral University (2002).