Máximo J. Fonrouge


He was born in the city of Buenos Aires on June 24th, 1958.

He graduated as a Lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires in 1985.


Between 1979 and 1985, he worked at the Judicial Power of the Nation, where he started his specialization in the Administrative Law field. From 1986 to 1988, he practiced his profession independently. From 1988 to 1991, he served as a lawyer at the Alchouron, Brady Alet & Cardini law firm.

In 1991, he joined Cassagne & Associates law firm first, and Cárdenas, Cassagne & Associates law firm shortly after, as an Associate until 1996, and as a Partner from that same year until May 2005, when said firm split up, giving rise to the creation of Cassagne Abogados law firm.

He has developed an intense academic activity, which continues at present, as Assistant Professor in graduate studies of the subject Elements of Administrative Law at the School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (1988) and of Administrative Law at the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University (1995-2000), where he also teaches in the post-graduate specialized studies of Economic Administrative Law since 1996. He also teaches at the Master studies in Administrative Law and at the Post-graduate Program on Economic Regulation Law of the Austral University, where he is also in charge of coordinating the Electric Sector (1998).

Likewise, he participated as a lecturer in numerous courses, seminars, conferences and lectures on Administrative Law at large and, specifically, with relation to the public utilities issue.

He is a member of the Association of Administrative Law (1985) and of the Bar Association of the Federal Capital City (CPACF), where he is a member of the Commission on Administrative Law (1994). Between 2004 and 2008, he served as a member of the Board of Directors of said Association, where he was appointed Director once more in 2011 and as President as from 2012. In 1995, he was appointed member of the Institute of Administrative Law of the National Academy of Law and Social Sciences. As from 2014, he has been a member of the Academic Council of the Argentine Magazine of Law on Energy, Hydrocarbons, and Mining (RADEHEM).

Currently, he is a member of the Board and of the Supervisory Commission of different companies and agencies.

He has developed a vast experience in the field of the Administrative Law, through rendering advisory assistance to companies and to the Administration in relation with bidding processes, administrative contracts, public utilities, industrial promotion, expropriations, renegotiation of public utilities contracts, defense of competition, and economic regulation in general and, through serving as attorney-in-fact and -in-law at any kind of administrative and court litigations, objections to resolutions, provisional remedies, “Amparo” Proceedings [remedy for safeguarding constitutional rights], and national and international arbitrages of an important economic relevance.