Carlos José Laplacette


He was born in the city of Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, on April 28th, 1977.He graduated as a Lawyer from the University of Rosario in 2001.

 In 2006, the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University awarded him the degree as Tort Law Specialist. At present, he continues his training by attending doctorate studies at the University of Buenos Aires.


He has practised his profession at different law offices and public agencies since 2001. He held office as Director of Legal Affairs at the municipality of Colón, Province of Buenos Aires, from 2003 through 2006.

In January, 2006, he joined the Linares, Quintana, Badeni & Gagliardo law firm, where he worked in the field of Constitutional Law in many institutionally relevant cases.  He worked in this law firm until November 2014, when he joined Cassagne Abogados law firm.

He has had a significant participation in different entities related to the defense of freedom of expression, including the Association of Argentine Journalism Entities (ADEPA). He headed the Legal Advice Service of the Argentine Association of Digital Editors (AEDIA). In 2013, he was appointed member of the Legal Commission of the Inter-American Press Association (SIP-IAPA). He also served as Advisor to the Argentine Chamber of Publications.

At present, he is a member of the Institute of Constitutional Law of the National Academy of Law of Buenos Aires and a member of the Institute of Constitutional Policy of the National Academy of Moral and Political Sciences of Buenos Aires. He also a member of the Argentine Association of Law of Constitutional Procedure and of the Argentine Association of Constitutional Law.

He teaches Constitutional Law at the University of Buenos Aires and is invited as lecturer by many universities in Argentina. He has taught the following subjects, among others: Elements of Constitutional Law, Freedom of Expression, and Social Constitutionalism. He has participated as a lecturer at different conferences and congresses on Constitutional Law.


Spanish and English.