Juan Carlos Sanguinetti


He was born in the city of Buenos Aires on August 25th, 1975.

He graduated as a Lawyer from the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University with honors in 1999.

He attended specialized studies in Economic Administrative Law at the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University (2004-2005).


From May 1999 to October 2014, he worked at Negri & Tejeiro Abogados law firm (later on,  Negri, Busso & Fariña Abogados law firm). In August 2011, he undertook the Department of Administrative Law and Economic Regulation of this law firm.

From November 2014 to June 2016, he served as external consultant in Public Law matters at Negri & Pueyrredón Abogados law firm.

In June 2016, he joined Cassagne Abogados law firm.

His practice fields are: general Administrative Law, public utilities, economic regulation, antitrust, Constitutional Law, and Environmental Law.


Spanish, English, and Italian.