María Verónica González del Gesso


She was born in the city of Buenos Aires on March 10th, 1972.

She attended the Compañía de María Institute, where she completed her high school studies in 1989.

She graduated as a Lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires in 1995, with Administrative Public Law as specialty field.

As to her post-graduate studies, she obtained her degree of Lawyer specialist in Procurement and Notarial Documentation (1998) at the Argentine Notarial University, and attended the two-year specialization studies in Economic Administrative Law at the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University.

Likewise, she has attended various conferences on Administrative Law, organized by the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University and the Austral University.

She has also attended update seminars on Law on Partnerships and Corporations, procurement and defense of competition, as well as update courses on the new Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation.


From 1996 to 1998, she worked in notarial tasks at Spadavecchia Notary Public Office, where she also provided advice on Administrative Law matters.

In 1998, she started to work in specialized studies on Administrative Law. From 1998 to 2004, she worked at Halperín & Hermo law firm, where she also served as external lawyer of the Association of Notaries Public of the City of Buenos Aires. During 2004 and 2005, she worked at the Department of Administrative Law of the Ymaz law firm.

Later, she joined R.Elfman law firm as senior lawyer, where she was in charge of the departments of Administrative Law and Notarial Law.

In December 2006, she joined Cassagne Abogados law firm, where she worked in issues related to her specialty field until 2010.

In June 2010, she joined Corporación Antiguo Puerto Madero S.A. as senior lawyer and, as from 2013, she served there as Legal Under-Manager of Coordination and Board of Directors.

She returned to Cassagne Abogados law firm in March 2017.

She served as a teaching assistant in the subject Elements of Constitutional Law, In-depth Constitutional Law (chaired by Badeni), and Elements of Administrative Law (chaired by Reiriz) at the University of Buenos Aires. Likewise, she served as an assistant professor in Administrative Law at the Argentine Pontifical Catholic University during 2005 (chaired by Cassagne-Durand).

Since June 2011, she has served as teaching assistant in Administrative Law at the University of Buenos Aires (subject chaired by Tawil).

She is a member of the Bar Association of the Federal Capital City (CPACF).