Our background dates back to 1983, and our new integration as CASSAGNE ABOGADOS in 2005 arises from the need to focus our activity on providing highly specialized business advice in the field of Administrative Law and economic regulation.

CASSAGNE ABOGADOS was made up by a group of renowned specialists, acknowledged as the most prominent ones in the field of Administrative Law and economic regulation.

The change process Argentina is currently undergoing bears an impact on the political, economic and juridical conditions governing companies’ lives. Attending these needs demands a solid structure composed of specialists devoted to rendering a tailored client support.

In this complex and ever-changing scenario where specialized knowledge makes the difference, CASSAGNE ABOGADOS offers its whole professional soundness in rendering advice in decision-making or strategy-defining processes, as well as in solving administrative and legal conflicts, while meeting the highest quality and efficiency standards.

Thanks to its experience in infrastructure projects, CASSAGNE ABOGADOS is qualified to provide the best specialized and comprehensive advice on business development and infrastructure in the new scenario facing Argentina: roadway works and concessions; construction and management of ports; railways; generation projects of generation, transportation and distribution of electric power; renewable sources of energy; prospection and exploitation of hydrocarbons (both conventional and non-conventional reservoirs); aeronautical infrastructure; urban planning and development; multi-modal and passenger transportation; among other fields that will certainly be the growth drivers of our country.

Our world today is heading for sustainable development. Climatic change, together with its environmental consequences and the current way of producing and consuming—both inefficient and unsustainable—is inexorably leading us to change our approach to business activities. In this context, CASSAGNE ABOGADOS offers an innovative and ever-improving service. With over 20 years’ experience in the environmental field, we are the first law firm to provide its clients with this holistic and systemic view from a sustainability standpoint, for handling and solving their problems. With this aim in mind, we offer them a comprehensive and advanced Department of Environmental Law and Sustainability, with legal and technical services, which will help your company better adapt and position itself within both local and global markets.


Our goal at CASSAGNE ABOGADOS is to render legal advice, specialized in Administrative Law and Economic Regulation, which allows its clients to gain a competitive edge and to maximize their use of resources, as well as to render a top-quality and excellence service, thus providing their clients with cost-efficient tools for their decision-making process.


It is the hallmark of our everyday work.